Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eve Planet Updates – It’s About Time

Gah! Trying to blog while being on the move sucks. Its not as easy to find a free internet connection as one might think.. even in downtown LA. Everything is on an open network but as soon as you try to get online you get stopped by a pay-to-use site an can't access anything. Even the airports want money to surf the web now?! Well I have internet now so I can finally post this slightly out of date article.

I’m sure I complained about this in the past.. or at least thought about complaining. I have always felt that CCP really needed to upgrade the planet visuals. The lack of atmosphere graphics has been somewhat disappointing, especially to someone who really believes that small aesthetic changes can have fairly large impacts on the gaming experience.

The videos showing the new planetary effects really makes space feel more like.. space. The glowing atmosphere looks very realistic, and the highly detailed planet surface looks great. I’m very curious to see how inhabited planets look. It would be nice to see moons get an overhaul as well.

I’m sure that these updates are in preparation for the new planetary control mechanic that CCP is releasing with Dust, but even so, it’s a long overdue update. Now if we can just get them to update everything else that hasn’t changed since 2003 (perhaps the user interface) I will be quite happy.

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