Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Say No to WOW

WOW is a drug. I didn't break my World of Warcraft CDs because I hate the game. I broke them because the game is so damn addictive and soul consuming that I never wanted to go back.

But now Blizzard's 3.2 patch offers leveling through PVP? So in theory I don't have to run quest after quest after quest, or kill a thousand boars in the woods.. I can just go kill other players and get experience and items? We shall see. I have finally caved in and am going to test it out. With a 10 day free trial and a good friend who is more than willing hold my hand and whisper Blizzard propaganda in my ear, nothing can stop me!

Before heading out to work I clicked on the buddy invite link and got the installer setup and ready. It's kind of weird seeing the Blizzard interface after being away for so long. Everything is polished to the max. The install client had more art direction and polish than most games I play. And what's this.. I don't even have to download the entire game. The client downloads the content as I need it so I can just jump in and start playing. These guys are good..

But they have their work cut out for them. I am a weathered gamer. I have killed more forest boars than I care to remember, I have spent days farming for items and mounts, and I have suffered through the worst of guild drama. These things are like poison to me and if I get too strong a dose it's game over.

Let the game begin!

I would like to link everyone to an amazing post by Darren from the Common Sense Gamer and the podcast "Shut Up. We're Talking". His Post addresses the current state of MMO gaming and he was kind enough to link me in there as well!

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  1. Well, well, well... I knew you'd be back. It took 4 years but I knew. Just give it a damn chance man.