Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boobs - Can We Abuse The Ultimate Advertising Weapon?

See how it's the ultimate advertising weapon? All I had to do was put boobs in the title and you're already reading the blog post. Ok it's no mystery as to why boobs advertise well. Guys like them, we associate boobs with the product, now we want the product. Simple enough.

In games it's a huge selling point. When your market consists of a lot of young guy who aren't getting laid (typical gamer) it makes tons of sense to put attractive big breasted women on the product cover. I have no problems with this.. as long as it has something to do with the game.

Age of Conan used the half naked assassin girl in most of their advertising and sure enough you can play as a half naked assassin girl in the game.

Ever Quest had the half naked sorceress on the front of all their boxes and sure enough there were scantily clad sorceress women in the game.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball... 3 pairs of anime size boobs on the game box. If you bought that game hoping to see tits then you were in luck. The game was all about boobs with occasional game of beach volleyball thrown in. Didn't they win an award for their advancements of virtual boobie physics? I could have sworn they did..

Anyway, so when I saw the ads for Evony online I assumed the game was about staring at a half naked woman who said things like "come play my lord". One of their ads is literally a picture of breasts.. I'm sorry but what kind of game are you peddling here? And why am I getting these advertisements on legitimate gaming sites, shouldn't these be reserved for adult sites?

Well apparently Evony is an MMORTS that resembles games like Sid Meier's Civilization... and there are no tits or sexy women of any kind! This is a case of false advertising if I ever saw one.

One of the ads shows a barely dressed woman who is at least clothed in medieval style clothing (barely covering her of course) which kind of resembles the era that the game takes place. But then in another ad she is just wearing some short brown dress which is clearly a modern piece of clothing. And the ad that's boobs has them covered up with a bra that I know they didn't have back in medieval times. These guys are not only falsely advertising the game but their doing a lazy job of it!

It's like putting boobs on the cover of a bean curd carton. Double-u tee ef?!


  1. I saw those ads and thought it was an advertisement for a game where you kept sex slaves. I think that would make more sense.

  2. I thought in was some Virtual world (Adult) when I saw it for the first

  3. im only happy for this because i use these ads to *ack off to when im too bored to look up p0rn.