Sunday, August 30, 2009

Evony Spoof Ads

Remember that post I wrote about how Evony was abusing breasts in their online ads? Well apparently their ads were getting them so much publicity, that PopCap decided to steal their design. Interestingly enough the ads were to market their game Planets vs. Zombies. Have a look.




I couldn't have designed a better a spoof ad myself. I think these are hilarious and it's about time someone made fun of these Evony idiots. I may as well throw in there that Plant vs. Zombies is actually a very entertaining game for $20.

It's a tower defense style game where you plant various types of destructive garden plants to destroy zombies attempting to break into your suburban home. Sounds ridiculous? It is... but it's also tons of fun to play and the zombie themselves are too funny. There is even a Michael Jackson zombie straight out of Thriller, and when he comes so does any army of thriller dancing zombies.


  1. I have been seeing those danged Evony ads on my rss pages from CNET and Wired. It really sucks, especially since they seem so pointless and stupid. I am at least glad someone is spoofing them, and showing the world how absolutely dumb the originals are.