Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Level Cap Manifesto

Hello my non existent reader base.

So this is supposed to be the post where I tell everyone what this blog is about.. which seems a bit silly as I don't think anyone is reading it yet. Bloggers much more successful than myself have said to start writing your blog with the expectation that your posts will not be read. With that in mind here goes..

I spend a lot of time playing games, thinking about games, wanting to improve games and design my own games. So naturally I should have something interesting to say about them.. right? We shall see.

The title "Level Cap", referring to the maximum level achievable in games, was chosen for its recognition among the gamer population but also because I consider myself to be a very achieved gamer. Now the 13 year old Asian kid who just kicked my ass up and down the last COD4 level might disagree but 13 year old gamers don't count. Their limbs are shorter and therefore it takes less time for the brain to send a signal to the hand telling it to shoot me in the head. Nothing I can do about that.. but please stop using the screen name CrazyAzn!

Hopefully there will be some pretty varied gaming blogs. I play many different types of games from MMO to FPS to RTS to racing games, and so on and so forth. Basically if it's a good game I will play it.

I am going to try and write one post per day. Obviously this may change depending on how much material I have. If I can end up with a solid 20 posts per month I will be happy.

What I'm Playing Now:
Warhammer online - Not crazy about the game but I can't stand WoW and it's filling in for Eve Online (got banned from eve for a couple months.. long story)
Left 4 Dead - Nothing beats shooting zombies with your friends.
Call of Duty 4 - The game isn't revolutionary but it's leading the market in competitive FPS games so I can't avoid it.

Games I Will Buy When Released:
Battlefield 1943 for the PC - Played the hell out of every battlefield title and I wants more!
Left 4 Dead 2 - Same as the first game but now you get a chainsaw... Count me in.
Diablo 3 - Break out the pack of frozen peas and let the click fest begin!
Rage - Postapocalyptic wasteland dune buggy shotgun goodness. What more do you want in life?
Supreme Commander 2 - Once you go supreme commander you can't go StarCraft.
Dirt 2 - My gawd codemasters knows how to make a gorgeous racing game.

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