Friday, August 7, 2009

Gruggy's Bio

Here is Gruggy my level 19 choppa class orc. His interests include chopping, more chopping, and throwing hatchets at people taking long walks on the beach. When he isn't chopping Gruggy spends his free time helping out at the local veterinary clinic... Ok who are we kidding? He is always chopping, and when he's not chopping he is looking for people to chop.

Gruggy's play style is very straight forward. Look for large groups of the enemy and jump straight into the middle of them. His attacks hit multiple targets, so the more bad guys the merrier. The longer he fights the more damage he can dish out. If there is a quality healer helping out, Gruggy often finds himself at the top of the damage chart in scenario battles.

All in all I'm quite liking the simplicity of the choppa. As far as the name "Gruggy" goes I think it compliments his persona. Hell, it's better than my High Elf "LOLgolas"...

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